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The Tree Of Life – dir. Terrence Malick

22 Apr

Hanging to see this.


Le Haine (1995) – dir. Mathieu Kassovitz

22 Apr

High Falls – dir. Andrew Zuckerman

21 Apr

In My Shoes

21 Apr

“Gee you’re tall”

Gee you’re short

“Ever played basketball?”

Got an 80 year old spine in a 25 year old body

“How’s the weather up there?”

Do you mind if i sit down? Then we don’t both have to strain our necks

“Want a beer?”

No thanks

“Why not?”

Yeh, why not?

(Safe) – dir. Todd Haynes

21 Apr

The Tyburn Tree

20 Apr

The first victim of the “Tyburn Tree” was Dr John Story, a Roman Catholic who refused to recognize Elizabeth I. Among the more notable individuals suspended from the “Tree” in the following centuries were John Bradshaw, Henry Ireton and Oliver Cromwell, who were already dead but were disinterred and hanged at Tyburn in January 1661 on the orders of Charles II in an act of posthumous revenge for their part in the beheading of his father.

Wikipedia, such a great source of interesting information.