Salmon and Avocado Pasta

20 Mar

Simple and tasty meal. You can swap around ingredients as much as you like. However, i feel as though with such simple ingredients you appreciate the flavors more so. You could also add some Parmesan cheese as a finish if you don’t have a restrictive diet such as meself.


Rice and Corn Penne Pasta

Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil

3-4 Shallots

Large Tin of Salmon

Half Firm (otherwise turns to mush) Avocado

Handful of Sugar Snap Peas (Top and Tailed)

Parsley (to garnish)


1) Put two thirds of a pot of water on to boil.

2) Dice shallots, pop into a fry pan with choice of chosen oil. Simmer until soft. Remove from heat.

3) Add penne to boiling water with a punch of salt.

4) Boil kettle. Blanch sugar snap peas. under cover.

5) Dice parsley, slice avocado, open can of salmon and drain (taking out bones).

6) Once pasta cooked through drain and place back into dry pot. Add all prepared ingredients, stirring through.

7) Serve it up and get it in’ya.







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