A Ride Around The Ridge

16 Mar

Long grass snaps at my heels

as i glide along the edge of the road


The chain creeks as if an extension of my body

aching and throbbing as i push on


I am unaware of the dampness that grows

under my helmet

Until a gust of wind sends a chill throughout

on a downward run


Ten minutes in and the ideas throw themselves at me

My feeble brain struggles to commit them to memory

I repeat them over and over to myself in the hope that they stick

but i fear it is a frivolous effort


If only i could record my ideas when preoccupied with other things


i believe that the concepts would not appear in the first place if this was the case

Creativity is a crafty beast, appearing when you least expect it.


I proceed up a hill and feel my respirator system skip a beat

I adjust to the new pace

I ghasp and heave, greedily sucking the oxygen my body craves

Creating a rhythm to thrust my pistons to

eyes cast to the tumbling asphalt below


I enter a cloud of death, the stench almost unbearable.

A carcass lies in hiding somewhere in the undergrowth

a reminder of the wastefulness and selfishness of our species

I cannot help but suck in the tainted air

reminding myself that it will pass


I stand on the pedals to power through the thick stench

when a car whizzes by a foot away from me

clocking 100

The waves of velocity propels me towards the bush

towards the carcass

towards death

I quiver and right my direction.


The shadow chills me, the sun warms me

The shadow offers me a cold shoulder of camouflage

the sun offers me a long lost hug from a dear friend – although i know too much of this friend is detrimental to my health

A tsunami of cancer advertisements flicker through my minds eye

my body squirms.


Just a few more k’s



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