Chop Soup

6 Mar


Olive Oil

Couple sticks of celery (chopped) and/or shallots

Couple of carrots (chopped)

Couple of parsnips (chopped)

Salt an’ Pepper

(Optional) Quarter red cabbage (chopped)

3 or 4 lamb chops

Cup an’ a half of lentils (Well rinsed beforehand)

A tin or two of diced tomatoes

A slurp of water


1. Chuck the first three vegies in a large soup pot with a generous slurp of the olive oil and S & P. Cook for 5 or 10 minutes whilst continually stirring.

2.Towards the end of the 5 or 10 minutes toss the cabbage in (if you dig it) and cook for a couple of minutes.

3. Remove vegies from pot – chuck ’em in a bowl or some such device – then pop the chops in the pot to lightly brown on either side.

4. Once chops are lightly browned (don’t go overboard, a few seconds on either side) then toss the vegies back into the pot. Then add lentils and diced tomatoes and water to just cover the lot.Simmer for 15 or 20ish minutes until chops are tender (slice one open to see how they’re going).


This recipe is a piece of piss and a hearty meal if ever i’ve encountered one. Great for those winter nights or when you are just after something wholly substantial to fill your guts.

With this basic beginning one can adapt to suit other similar casserole dishes (ie. chicken thighs are a winner – instead of simmering them best to slide them into the over to braise until tender – winner).




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