The Oscars…

2 Mar

Whilst shooting text messages back and forth to my cousin (who has recently moved down to Melbourne from Sydney for a stint) she invited me around to watch the Oscars. I declined, explaining that i was not an Oscar man. She immediately responded with a text exclaiming “why not?!”

Well couz, i suppose it has to do with how i believe the Oscars are rigged. Each year i cannot block out of my mind the thought that this whole glitzy bonanza of a ceremony is bogus. All this money and glammed up entertainment spent on what (allegedly) five thousand odd voters think is the best film of the year? I find it pretty disgusting and i am dubious about the whole ceremony.

Of course, there have been some GREAT films that have secured the award in the past. However, the recent streak seems misguided… like there’s something fishy going on. Shakespeare In Love, Million Dollar Baby, The Departed? I don’t think those were award winning films at all!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the King’s Speech picked up best film this year though. Out of all of the superhero and large scale epics it was nice to see a small film simply about a speech impediment pick up the award. Very satisfying result.

Christian Bale certainly deserved his Oscar for Best Supporting in the Fighter. Incredible performance. Although i’m not sure i agree with Melissa Leo picking up Best Supporting Actress. She was good, but was she really that good?

It was predictable that Natalie Portman was given the Best Actress although Colin Firth was a nice surprise. He achieved such an underrated performance that he being awarded was as if a depth-charge had exploded.

I am happy that “The Lost Thing” picked up best short for i have been a fan of Shaun Tan’s illustrations for a very long time. I didn’t even realise one of his books had been animated until i happened across it at the Best of the MIFF shorts award night.

So i am dubious about the Academy Awards. Perhaps if they were ever executed in a different fashion – perhaps more grounded and cutting the bullshit – i would tune in and enjoy such a celebration of talent. But sadly it is blown out of proportion each year and at inconsistently gives the Best Pic to the wrong pic. ‘Nuff said.


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